Mobile Industrial Robots Inc


Address: 1340 Lincoln Ave Ste 2
Holbrook, NY 11741-2255

Country: USA

County: Suffolk

Phone: (452) 037-7577

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About Mobile Industrial Robots Inc

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) develops and markets the industry’s most advanced line of collaborative autonomous mobile robots that quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage internal logistics, freeing employees for higher-value activities, optimizing workflows, and offering fast ROI. As the international market leader, MiR has enjoyed a rapid, worldwide adoption of their unique and innovative robots, and today hundreds of mid-sized through large multinational manufacturers, logistics centers, along with several hospitals around the world, have installed MiR’s mobile robots. Founded and run by experienced Danish robotics industry professionals, MiR is headquartered in Odense and has a global distribution network in more than 45 countries, with regional offices in New York, San Diego, Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona, and Shanghai. MiR has grown quickly since its founding in 2013, with sales rising by 500% from 2015 to 2016, and 300% from 2016 to 2017 and 2017 to 2018.

Product Categories

Vertical Markets

  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics/Toiletries
  • Dairy
  • Electronics
  • Hardware/Tools
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device
  • Textiles/Apparel