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About Valco Melton

Valco Melton is your single source for Melton® compatible Hot Melt and Valco® Cold Glue packaging solutions. In addition to adhesives, Valco Melton systems dispense and control other materials such as lubricants, food ingredients, paints/inks, waxes and solvents. With a global network of sales/service offices in over 52 countries, Valco Melton offers the most extensive range of glue application & quality assurance systems available in the industry. Valco Melton has developed complete "off-the-shelf" hot melt or cold glue conversion kits for most popular makes of packaging machinery for almost any applications, such as case and carton sealing, sift-proof sealing, labeling, palletizing, tray-forming, bag sealing and other specialty applications requiring innovative sealing solutions. Melton® Hot Melt industry standard packaging systems, compatible replacement parts and Valco® microprocessor-based electronic pattern controls, pressurized glue source, modular mounting brackets, cold glue applicators and dispensing valves provide consistent, high-quality bonds, fast production speeds, and reduced adhesive usage. With one of the industry's largest selections of filters, pumps, modules, hoses, guns, nozzles, heater cartridges, pattern controls, and temperature control modules, a variety of options can be custom tailored to better meet the specific requirements of your production line. Valco Melton is also partnered with VanSco Products. VanSco® supplies an extensive selection of cost-effective cold glue dispensing equipment for packaging applications. Valco Cincinnati has been responsive, adjusting rapidly to changing market demands through innovative solutions. The transfer of those solutions to the production floor continues today through Valco Melton with successful installations in almost every industrial application. The 2006 acquisition of Melton S.L.U. added a significant number of proven products and additional distribution outlets throughout the world. Creating strong, durable bonds through cold glue and hot melt adhesive technologies and the most advanced technology in quality assurance systems for over 58 years has also been central to our growth.

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