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About Advantage Puck Technologies, LLC

Your Full-Service Puck Provider

Advantage Puck specializes in the design and manufacture of injection molded carriers commonly referred to as pucks. Pucks are used to stabilize products throughout the conveying process, and they are also used to standardize guiderail width and the fill height for variably sized products.

Advantage Puck provides customers with:

  • 3D Modeling in AutoCAD
  • Rapid puck prototyping
  • Minimal lead time from concept to production
  • Puck laser engraving
  • In-house puck mold machining
  • Decades of extensive injection-molding experience
  • Fast turnaround and expedited delivery

Advantage Puck offers a wide variety of pucks, including:

  • Soft Center Pucks
  • Labeling Pucks
  • Quiet Puck™
  • Dual Product Pucks
  • Aerosol Pucks
  • Transport Pucks
  • Machined Pucks
  • Tube Filling RFID Pucks

Advantage Puck specializes in the stabilization of unstable products such as:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Consumer Chemical and Soap Bottles
  • Personal Health Care Items
  • Prescription Vials
  • Cosmetics
  • Lawn care products
  • Aeresol Products
  • Motor oil and grease containers
  • And more!


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  • Beverage
  • Chemical Household
  • Cosmetics/Toiletries
  • Electronics
  • Hardware/Tools
  • Other
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device
  • Textiles/Apparel
  • Tobacco
  • Toys/Sports/Crafts

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