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Address: 715 Church Road
Elmhurst, IL 60126-1442

Country: USA

Phone: (630) 530-2203

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About G&K-Vijuk Intern. Corp.

G&K-VIJUK INTERNATIONAL offers a comprehensive line of sheet- and roll-fed folders and associated equipment for finishing paper products in the graphics arts and packaging industries. It specializes in folding equipment—some attachable to packaging lines—for finishing products used in the dissemination of information in the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics, and small-items packaging industries.

Packaging-line equipment includes sheet-fed GUK CARTONAC LEAFLET FOLDERS, which may easily be attached and synchronized to packaging lines to fold leaflets for insertion into product cartons along with the product. Several models are available—all with a continuous-load feeder. The newest model, the servo powered GUK CARTONAC 2003 DS LEAFLET FOLDER, with PLC-network integration, is controlled through an HMI touch screen panel for quick, easy setup and job recall. Its hinged feed table allows easy access to the folding rollers and plates. All Cartonac folders can be equipped for off-line use.

For high-speed, high-volume leaflet folding, GUK RS ROLL-FED LEAFLET FOLDERS can be installed and synchronized to packaging lines. Roll-fed folding minimizes leaflet mix-ups and waste, as well as labor and paper costs. Top-mount, floor-mount, or 90º floor-mount models are available. All models may be equipped for off-line folding.

For feeding pre-folded inserts or outserts for insertion into cartons along with the product, the new continuous-load GUK PA 21 FOLDED LEAFLET FEEDER can be attached to the packaging line. The new GUK PA15 FOLDED LEAFLET FEEDER delivers leaflets turned 90º, allowing it to be mounted parallel to the packaging line to save space. Off-line, the PA15 Feeders may also be used with a glue or tab system to bundle leaflets or outserts.

The GUK-SIGMA PICK & PLACE STATION precisely places flat or three-dimensional items onto products in line with packaging lines, production lines, folders, saddle stitchers, or other finishing equipment.

For off-line leaflet folding, G&K–Vijuk provides leaflet folders with different size capabilities and with many options—including various types of feeders; units that cut, glue, score, and perforate for making booklets, self-mailers or leaflets with tear- or drop-out BRCs; punching units for die cutting small booklets into shapes; etc.

Patented G&K–VIJUK MV-11 OUTSERT SYSTEMS fold outserts for providing information in the pharmaceutical industry. Outserts are leaflets folded to a small size and secured to form closed leaflets which will not spring open during packaging operations or while affixed directly onto product containers.

G&K–Vijuk Outsert Systems come in many configurations to meet individual needs. You can start small with an economical starter system, folding up to 90 panels; or start with a one-, two-, or three-knife modular system that has the capability to fold up to a certain number of panels, but can be upgraded if needs change. System capabilities range from folding up to 110 panels to folding up to 350 panels.

A number of accessories are available for enhancing outsert production such as camera systems for code reading, data detection, size or dimensional check, or glue verification—or modular stations for printing a unique code or serial number on each outsert, or for tipping outserts onto flat cartons, or for automatically collecting and packing outserts into trays.

Product Categories

Vertical Markets

  • Cosmetics/Toiletries
  • Paper/Printing
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device

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Cosmetics/Toiletries,Pharmaceutical/Medical Device,Paper/Printing